What is the future? Good people! And we were lucky enough to win some of our very own gems.
Turn off your phones and grab the popcorn! We’ve got our stars for 2015 already lined up!

Multi-talented Christin Schrot knows what Monica and Chandler did in London. As she’s an absolute expert on everything that has ever flickered onto the small screen. She was able to indulge her passion at Watchever and is now starting up for our community management. With her expertise she’s our star for the Oscars.

Iman Zeraatcar gained his strategic toolbox at Young and Rubicam before we could win him over with our philosophy and Monday-Muffins. Nerd by conviction he basically knows everything and is our chosen one for the TED-Talk 201x.

To describe the talents of Lisa Koch one would need a picture. From her trained eye and talented hand each one of her pictures is a masterpiece. We call her our screen designer, but really she is our up-coming star for the next Turner Prize.

Julian Eisele is an absolute all-rounder. Documentary film, film music ripe for Hollywood and web design; there’s nothing that he can’t do. And now – project manager. He is our star for the Oscars 2.0.

Nadia Micheilis worked her way through the history of the world before she found her way to community management. Her secret passion for telling stories is very well received here. Now she’s bringing posts and visuals to life. Our nominee for the Pulitzer Prize!

We are especially happy to welcome philanthropist and do-gooder Silvia Winkler onto our team. Not only did she take the project management under her experienced control, but with her charming ways she has won us all over. She is our future star for the Nobel Peace Prize.