Rise, barriers! #fotw25 in pictures and posts.

It was an impressive and moving display and an enormous uplifting get-together. From simple aesthetics to historical accuracy, from sentiment to the typical berlin stupor , the Lichtgrenze (Border of Light) moved many people last weekend.

Sunday evening was the climax of an exciting project for us as well as the FOTW25 team and our partners. There were plenty of reasons for everyone to show up. We let stories, balloons and the ghosts of the Berlin Wall fly away. We took many photographs and enjoyed the great company.

Many colleagues at our agency have personal memories of the fall of the wall and most of them have an idea of how their lives have changed since then . During the whole preparation process of #FOTW25 we asked ourselves, what does freedom mean to us? Due to the interesting and exciting discussions and contributions, we wanted to also ask this question to people on site, at the Lichtgrenze in Berlin’s Mauerpark. There, we set up a 5m long blackboard and asked the people „What’s freedom for you?“ The response was overwhelming as the board filled up very quickly.

Above are the photos – and here the posts from clients, colleagues and guests. We are ecstatic with the response and even the boss tweeted something!

Behind the scenes. #fallofthewall25 #fotw25 #ftw Ein von Eduardo (@chillifresser) gepostetes Foto on