Straight outta 2015

Good night, old year. You have brought us a lot of joy. We found new friends. We became friends ourselves. We lived through changes, through times of doubt and times of pride. We arrived good and well. Those were 365 long days. And yet they’ve passed so quickly.

We’ll close the blinds for 2015. We read her one last bedtime story, sing her one last song, shake out her blanket and yes, we’ll leave the door open a crack. And then the adults will go celebrate!

We put on our best dress – white and gold, of course! We pass the friendly rat a piece of pizza. We do the Hotline Bling dance with our friend Left Shark. We’ll show Obama how big the Christmas roast will be. We’ll take John Travolta’s coat and show him his place at our table. And: You are invited. Yes, you! Hello! Have a seat. Get comfortable. It’s time for the grande finale.

From the people who brought you “#happytlgg”: Excitement! Action! Yellow!

TLGG Christmas video and chill. Straight outta 2015. Thank you for everything.