Our philosophy

Digitalisation forces change. Our goal as an agency and a team is to channel the power of the rapid change for our customers and us into something useful.

Together we take the future in our hands. We analyse and plan. We form and improvise. We fail and we shine. On occasion in this exact order.

Even if we regard our work in its entirety and the desired long-term impact: we first take care of emergencies . With the right equipment and experts and without false pride.

We scrutinise standards first. It’s in our nature. For we are constantly changing – structures, projects, jobs, our travel-expenses bill and our seating plan.

While our neon sign always remains the same, we constantly adjust our methods. “We have always done it that way” is no solution for a dynamic environment.

What we do: we work professionally on ideal makeshift solutions. In a time of rapid transformation, accuracy and perfection are snapshot terms and therefore of secondary importance.

We take the initiative and focus on progress. Movement is more important to us than omniscience. As forerunners of change we always insist on transformation. There will be resistance. And then there will be progress.

Do we make mistakes? Of course. Mistakes are the prototype for innovation. Development needs discussion, analysis and courage. We don’t only learn from mistakes, but we love to learn. He who always gets everything wrong, is not thorough enough. He who always gets everything right, is not brave enough.

Ultimately many of our tasks, projects and structures didn’t exist a year ago. And in a year’s time, they might no longer exist. We see that as a chance.

There is no training for transformers. Show us your projects not your certificates. Invite us to the beta-version and not to the aftershow. And solve your parents’ technical issues patiently and focused.

We are excellent consultants, because today we see what’s coming tomorrow.We are first class mechanics, because we saw yesterday, what would come today. Not every customer has to want both, nor every employee has to deliver it.

The added value for our customers and their customers is he innovation, the joy in new discoveries and the basic excellency with which TLGG makes every project shine. Our solutions satisfy needs and answer questions. In doing so every customer, every project and every team is allowed to tap into the treasury of our past experiences – to then do it all shiny and new.
Progression and recognition don’t come automatically but are the result of your own initiative, personal development and declaring yourself prepared to take responsibility. You create your own tasks, developments and your own partner.

Formulate your wishes, offer solutions and demand what’s necessary. We offer all of our employees a framework for constant personal and professional development. We demand willingness. We offer individual solutions.
And we know that good ideas and exciting discussions are not limited to office hours and meetings in the hallways. We organise events and serve our drinks cold.

Together we create a respectful and open work environment for our customer relations and our work. We give, demand and honour trust.

Lastly: we’ve cut down on rules. Act like you would expect it of someone with your to-do list, your experience, with your knowledge and your hairstyle. For a future-orientated cooperation filled with challenges and treasure chests .

You are always welcome at TLGG.